Salsa Training & Classes

We are committed to bringing out the best in you as a dancer by sharing our love of salsa/mambo dancing.

Salsamania is unique in many ways, but one big distinction is our intensive training program.  You don't have to aspire to perform in order to train with Salsamania. Everyone is given a chance to learn if they have a passion for salsa and a positive attitude. Salsamania Dance Company members are trained to develop skills and techniques that they can carry onto the social dance floor. John and Liz encourage all members to utilize the patterns and shines they teach in clubs, at socials or anytime a member goes dancing.


On 2 Training Team

If you are an intermediate to advanced dancer wanting to refine your skills "On 2", the Salsamania On 2 Training Team is the place to be. Recognized as one of the best salsa dance training programs in the world, Salsamania's training program will teach you all the details of technique, timing, styling, musicality, footwork and partnering that will let you shine on the dance floor. The On 2 Training Team is also the first step to joining one of Salsamania's performance teams. Dancers who consistently excel in the On 2 Training Team may be invited to join one of the performance teams.

Salsamania provides intense rehearsals, yet offers them in a supportive atmosphere to facilitate faster progress. We are committed to bringing out the best in you as a dancer by sharing our love of salsa/mambo dancing.

Due to the high level of instruction in the On 2 Training Team classes, dancers wishing to join must first pass an audition to exhibit their current skill level. If you are interested and have experience social dancing, even if you have never previously auditioned or performed with a company, please feel free to come and try out anyway. Salsamania has many levels of classes to offer, so chances are good that there is one that is right for you.

On 1 Training Team

The directors of Salsamania also lead a repeating three-month series of intensive classes for high-level beginner or intermediate dancers who want to improve their "On 1" dancing skills. Complete details of this program are available here.

Salsa DVDs

John and Liz have produced a number of instructional DVDs.  If you would like to purchase any, please visit our store.

Other Classes

John and Liz also offer private lessons and group classes at local clubs and studios.  To request a private lesson with John or Liz, please contact them here.

To learn about their public group classes, please see their drop-in class schedule.

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